Archery Bunker Tag

What does it feel like to play Counter-Strike? It seems that the blood was boiling. What were you thinking when playing Cosplay of Counter-Strike? Find your opponents and shoot accurately. However, sparing long for the online game is bad for your health. And to play Cosplay of Counter-Strike, the fee for venue renting and expenses are a burden. So, the CS fans, see here! Try this, easy, exercise, and challenge the heart of the Archery Bunker Tag!
Bunker here refers to an inflatable shield. The players are divided into two groups using a real bow, but the arrow made of foam so that not to hurt anyone. At the beginning of the game, the two sides put all the arrows in the middle line. After starting, they can start to grab the arrows. Everyone has a bunker to protect themselves, and the winner is the one who first empty opponent’s target. It's a safe and simple game. And you can save money on a rent, clothing, equipment comparing to the Cosplay of Counter-Strike. It can be done easily at indoors or outdoors.
When playing, there are some tips to prepare.
1.Try not to cling to the bunker as much as possible, to maintain a certain distance.
2.Wear protective gear, especially face masks.
3.Eliminate the opponents with your foam opped arrow.
4.Shoot all five target.
Before your shooting, you can click our website and find your ones.