The first step: after the screw anchor, eight feet apart, cement base, the concrete use of each of four screws in castle inflatables. After slipping into anchor base. After, then hammer on all sides in place, at the same time it vertically, each side with two galvanized nails in castle inflatables. Repeat with the other three positions. Measure and mark the side of the arbor two categories. 6 inches from the top down. Place a support beam, top edge traces of flushing, spans two positions, beyond each side bundle of 6 inches. 4 4 inches lag bolts on each post screw in place. Repeat to add the second beam of two opposite position. Two position, laid the beams at the top and the vertical extension beyond the support beams of the position. This is a bar. For these two positions are two 4 inches lag bolts. Outside the second beam to the other side, in the same way. Load a transparent silicone joint sealant caulking gun in castle inflatables. Application of caulking across a support beam above.Lying in the arbor rectangular fabrics, the fabrics of 8 inches, make hang outside the support beam, while the other two positions within the edge flush.