Bouncing House

Most of our customers are parents, coaches, gymnasts and parkour enthusiasts. From their feedback, what they care most is safety. That’s the certifications. It’s easy to understand that the authoritative certifications can represent safety, security and be being reliable. And we have many trusty certifications, like CE and SGS. Let’s talk about this from children’s favorite item----- bouncing house.
Kids like playing in the bouncing house. They spend a long time with it. Therefore, no bad smell is very important for choosing bouncing house. Owning CE, mainly being accepted in Europe, and SGS being accepted through the whole world tells a lot that our products are qualified without any bad smell. Besides, the certification authority has many rules to test the products, and they will update the harmful elements list anytime to make sure all products with certifications are the environment and human-friendly. In addition, according to different cases, our company will offer different after-sales solutions to help solve the problems, which can be reflected our online service.
Parents want to give all the best things to their kids. It’s our task to provide a safe bouncing house for them. Strong with good elasticity. Colorful without any bad news and defects. Anyway, there should be safety and happiness in a bouncing house in childhood!