Bouncy House

How can you make a bouncy house more exciting? Either the bouncy house speeds up or the water speeds up. If in front of the bouncy house there is a boat for traction, the players will have the feeling of surfing. However, the inflatable float the players use may be more difficult to be controlled than a surfboard because of stronger buoyancy and resistance. Then what is better to reward the winner? How about putting a McDonald's in the fast-moving bouncy house? It's interesting and exercising! As the warriors surfed in the water, it’s waiting for the winner.
It's an exciting and exhausting task, not only to keep the balance of float in the high-speed surf, but also to watch the situation, to fight at the best of times, and to compete with each other. Thinking of this makes people feel excited, and expect to see who can end finally climb on the high-speed house and enjoy the hard-won McDonald's meal.
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