inflatable bubble soccer

What can we use inflatable bubble soccer items for sports? For soccer to see funny scenes? For extreme fight on a small island for heart heating? Or for bubble war in the snow to experience inner heating from insides while badly cold in winter?
Here let’s talk more about the bubble to see whether we can inspire more ways to play it! Bubble ball is inflated with air in which people are set inside to handle the ball rolling. As it’s a ball made of two layers transparent plastic are strongly linked with thousands of nylons so that the routine wouldn’t be so rough. According to this, besides snow, lawn, water and slop, anything that is soft and smooth will be taken into consideration. Now, we can put some funny and bold ideas: to move a bubble ball on the top of a wet slide; to take a ball fight in a children sea-ball pool with kids, or to let players inside bubble balls finish a math test while rolling.
As what we said before, a bubble can be thousands of ways for playing. Hurry up! Buy one bubble and play it in your way! You deserve your own style!