bubble soccer

Nowadays, bubble soccer is popular in many areas. The bubble soccer is the most common item in his ways for playing. But we know that the creative guys are everywhere in life, which you can usually see on Youtube. Some will take bubble outdoor for extreme sports, some will roll it from a slop as a race, and some will just make fierce “bounce fight” with bubble. But how if wear the bubble to go across the obstacles?
What will be different to be in a bubble? A flexible man will be chubby and clumsy at once. And how can a clumsy man move through the obstacle neatly? That’s why it’s will be interesting. We’re going to see some huge men getting into a race. They complete their force, balance, speed, and intelligence. Obstacles can be the other inflatable items, some balls, or anything they are not easy to stay away from. It’s exciting for the players and funny for the viewers. So it’ll be brilliant.
Among the inflatable items in our company, some interesting items like “human bowling” or the “foot dart”, are the combination of at least traditional sports so that people can enjoy a new experience. And today we link the “bubble” and “running” to make a creative sport. Only the players can know the essence of the joy. So come on and buy a human soccer bubble to have a try!