Bubble soccer

Winter is the coldest season of a whole year, so as the most relaxing time. So, all activities increasing the festive fun can all be taken into account. Now many people are certainly preparing for Winter shopping, and bubble soccer can be listed as a holiday gift for children or adults.
The temperature on Winter is very low, but it still could not prevent young people’s enthusiasm from playing outsides. As long as thermal protection are well prepared, people can easily hold a fierce bubble war in the snow. And what’s a result of losing the game? Basically, the competition is divided into three parts: bubble jump, bubble rotating challenge, and bubble fight. Two out of three sets. Winners win a bubble, while losers have to pretend old man for a day. Actually, it’s a funny game.
The long jump, rotate, and the fight seems not too difficult at ordinary times. But everything may change after putting on a bubble. Strong men may probably become awkward. So, you’d better not consider it as a simple game cause after the three parts of the competition, you’ll deeply be drawn to the fun of the bubble. Bringing fun is the most important thing.
Even if you lose, you can be a happy and lucky person. It's also pleasant. Winter is coming, come and buy the bubble, give yourself, and give someone else a happy season!