Human Bowling Ball

Is zorb ball bowling a simple exercise? Not at all. Traditional bowling requires the high ability of coordination and technology with hands and eyes. That's why it's always hard to hit it all. If the difficulty is too high, it will inevitably reduce the fun of the usual amateurs. So, you can really go the Inflatable Human Bowling! Simply put you have a good time. Just come and see!
So how easy is it? The bowling bottles are made of air--- it’s also inflatable! And generally, it’s two meters high, too light to just fall easily. The bowling balls are also filled with air, usually made of a transparent layer of plastic, similar to the water zorb balls. People can roll to move after they are sealed into the balls. Therefore, the bowling ball track is easy to be controlled and it's easier to hit the ball than that of the traditional bowling! Besides, human bowling will be more exciting! The person is just on the ball, so they can operate this ball arbitrarily. They can use their hands and feet to "rush" to the ball, and then bounce them off again. This soft and elastic feeling is like lying in a marshmallow. It's wonderful! And you can feel the thrilling of being bounced off the bottle and feel a sense of accomplishment! You can also go forward together in the zorb ball bowling with two or more people and share the fun! Or you can also play together, increasing heartbeat of excitement! If you're worried about the bottles will bounce off far away, we can attach an inflatable fence for you, and you'll be more relaxed.
When we were young, we often became obsessed with being held high by our father and loved the joy of bouncing off the bed. Now we can put ourselves in bowling, enjoy these pleasures and participate in such fashionable activities! Easy and exciting! Come on!