Bubble Football

The background music of a hot video IF the Animals Get Fat, from which we can see a funny scene that the chubby animals look like balls with another angle. Yes, if the animals get fat as the balls, they will be bounced off at anytime frequently or even by themselves. And how will a human do if they facing the same situation?
Putting on the bubble balls, will you become the flexible Kung Fu Panda or the clumsy Garfield? Different people, different result. And the bubble football is really funny. The football players are strong and vigorous before. Wearing the bubble balls always falling themselves down, after a difficult standing up and catching a ball, but suddenly someone rushes closer, then the players will be bounced off far away. Or even sometimes, the players will be also bounced off even though they are ready to shoot the ball. The interest takes place of the competition of the games. And this is the exact essence of the fun of the bubble football.
Tradition doesn’t mean impossible to be overturned. Except for the bubble football, you can use it to create more funny activities. Just come to visit our website. Here are some inspiration waiting for you!