Foot Dart

Some people say people good at darts are talents! Others say that practice makes perfect. I think it comes from two very different people in the pub who get cheers or boos! But that’s the traditional dart to play with eyes! Perhaps the stuff to mention below is a good news for the bad players. That is to use foot to play the dart!
Why would it be a good news? First, the target of the dart is as big as about twice the diameter of the adult. It's an inflated target. The dart also changes from a needle into a ball, much bigger than your foot. In that case, the probability of winning the bid is increased; Second, it's your feet, not your hands. And not everyone's feet are so flexible. Okay, a good excuse is ready for the bad players already; Last but not least, it's really funny. Instead of being limited indoor, you can enjoy the sunshine, while playing! It's really a good choice for traveling, too. Fold it and collect it into your car easily. Taking a foot dart to an outdoor picnics with will satisfy both children and adults’ meet!
From the pursuit of being special, you can also choose the way you fit! Start from here!