Football Darts

Sunshine, breezes, lawns, friends. What do you have in mind? Football only? Flying a kite? Or a dinner party? We can actually move the Foot Darts here. And the volume is a few dozen times the size of a traditional dart. This game is new and fashionable. I promise to make you a darts master at once. Why so? Cause we play darts with our feet.
Surprise 1: the target is not being hung on the wall, but directly on the ground. Surprise 2: the target is not made of plastic or wood but of a soft plastic layer. Surprise 3: the target is dozens of times the size of the traditional dart target. This should deepen the awareness of this new item. Surprise 4: the dart is not made of metal needles but inflatable football. And it's sticky. The scores are directly counted by the position of the balls on the target.Whether the ball can reach the target and at which position of the target, can be displayed immediately. Let participants have a full sense of accomplishment in a good time. While playing, you need jogging before you run. So, in general, it is a fun activity for both men, women, and children and the elder. When the family goes out for a picnic, you can go out with a foot dart. Enjoy the sunshine, and enjoy the family foot dart playing. How wonderful! It only takes five or six minutes to inflate and deflate it. Easy and save time!
This item reduces the difficulty of a traditional dart. Instead, it has broadened its interest with the characteristics of football. Playable groups have also widened. Many families choose to travel at the end of the year. So, take one to increase the fun in your trip!