giant water pillow

What's the giant water pillow in your eye? The soft stuff that brings you sweet dream? Was it a weapon to fight a pillow fight with your parents when you were a kid? Today we're going to look at more exciting water pillows.
Water pillows are much bigger than the pillows we usually see. After inflation, it can be as big as a small speedboat. It's much more fun to lie down on the pillow, and you can hop on it, jump on it, or even climb it if you can. But this wayward water pillow can be a little bit tender, and you'll be shot as far as you jump. It’s also possible to be accommodated, surrounded by pillows. It's similar to a water trampoline. However, it’s more difficult to balance in a water pillows. How to play it with friends? Jump together, you can jump like a needle, fancy spin, or jump like a clown. If you jump one by one, just like a seesaw, the person who jumps before will be catapulted into the water and can be seen in all directions, as if playing in the water with a soft seesaw. It's really fun!
Impacting on the water pillow, there will be a special experience. It's both tension and softness. There is the thrilling of jumping and the safety of the pillow. Here, pick a fun water pillow for you and your friends.