Giant water trampoline

On the streets of the city, on the rooftop, on the walls, if you can meet parkour, you are bound to be attracted to this kind of street activity. For them, as if any corners of the city were just as safe as the ground, they could wander freely, just like spider-man. It's not easy to be a parkour. But worship does not necessarily mean being them. You just need to come to tramp Park and you can get the experience!
This kind of indoor par usually occupies a large area. It contains a lot of trampolines, which allows you to constantly change your posture and jump. Some parts of the wall of the park are also covered with trampolines. So, not only can you jump up and down, but you can even jump around. It's not hard to do that anymore. In addition, there are saddle horse, basketball, and other sports in the park. The water trampoline makes it easy to cross the horse, and get the basketball score. Totally a talent experience! At that moment, you seem to have the ability to rotate in the air and make exaggerated expressions, which can be easily done!
Tramp park is like a big trampoline water park, and if you want to play at home, we can provide good enough choice for you. Click here, easy to get!