bubble soccer game

As more and more people begin to being interested in bubble soccer game, they are confusing about what it really is and wondering how to play it. Today, there will be some detailed info to answer those questions.What is bubble soccer? Bubble soccer is a huge inflatable bubble suit, which is for player wearing while playing the game. It is made of high quality and environmental friendly material, which is PVC / TPU, with the perfect high elasticity and intense tenacity. To be simple, player wears bubble ball suit to fight against the soccer and bump into each other.How to play bubble soccer? Bubble soccer game is a little similar to the soccer game, but with bubble ball suit on. The game needs a bunch of players like soccer game and fight for the ball and score as much as they can, like soccer game. But most of the time, players in bubble soccer game focus more on the excitement of bumping into each other. Hope you like it!