Human Bowling

Cold winter, snow, zorb ball, and inflatable bowling, young guys. When these words are shown to you, what’s in your mind? Can you imagine that the fantastic younger are playing “human bowling”? from a video made by an inflatable fan.
As a viewer, I was deeply attracted to their spree. I can even feel that they are totally lost in the joy! Therefore, here I am to show you more of this product for you guys.
Firstly, some guys, especially the first time read the blog, may probably don’t know what is “human bowling”. All right, in short, you can say it as a combination of “zorb ball + bowling bottles”. Comparing to the traditional indoor bowling ball, ours are inflated with air and dozens of a size of the traditional ones.
And how is it make people so crazy? Rushing Speed and enthusiasm in cold winter. People can make a slop of snow, on where two guys make a simple contest, one is in the zorb ball, and the other one just is rushing. The one who arrives in the bowling bottles ahead will be the winner. And the other guys just making cheering up along the slop. Guess what? Seldom guys who just rushing with feet fail. But the game is so incredibly fun!
The snow splashes in all directions, and so as the laughter! Come on! Buy one and find some guys you need to be hanging out with. Just make your party!