Inflatable Air Track

As what we introduce on our website and direction that all our products are made of “DWF”-- double wall fabric. Let’s talk about our popular inflatable air track. Actually, ductility, elasticity and smoothness of the material directly decide the quality of the air mat.
For the type of the material, almost every manufacturer produces inflatable items with “DWF”. But “DWF” are uneven in quality at different prices, mainly at these aspects: 1. Ductility and regularity are better in the more expensive “DWF”, which are better at holding stronger tumble; 2. Smoothness and the thickness of the surface of air track take an important role as well because there are always some bubble defects on the surface with the cheaper material; 3. The “DWF” we use can bring customers brighter and more colorful air tracks. And the color will never fade easily.
Only from the material we use can we give an assurance that quality, durability, and performance of our inflatable items can protect you well. Just jump highly on our tracks without any further worries about safety!