Inflatable Bubble Tent

What is the sweetest dream for most people? It’s probably to travel around the world with the loves. All right, if so, how about taking a luxury moving castle with you? Actually, I’m just talking about our inflatable bubble tent---a romantic castle in the trip!
Usually, the bubble tent made of strong plastic is transparent. It’s so sweet to protect you in every aspect: waterproof, fire retardant, UV-ray protective, and warm-keeping. In summer, you can lay down in eyes with the gorgeous night sky with billions of stars, without any disturbance of mosquitoes, quiet and safe. In winter, it seems that you are living in the snowing, watching it flying and being drifting into piles. You can dress warmly in the tent to watch snowing outsides. No matter which season is, the design has solved the breathing problem.
For size, we have family size. So it’s easy to take it for a family outing. For further safety or emergency, we prepare free pump and the repair kits for you. What’s more, we are here for you for more any using suggestion or help. So just take it easy and enjoy the romance and relaxing with your loves in this comfortable transparent moving castle!