Inflatable Water Slide

It seems an inborn talent for a human to play and have fun with water. In the water, freedom and abandon are coiling around. As the limit of swimming ability, playing water bring less fun for you, as the lack of suitable and healthy swimming places, playing water becomes a rare experience for you, and even in order not to miss the gathering with friends or family, you devote your playing time out. Those all cannot be the obstacle in your way to having fun with water--- the only thing you should do is to set an inflatable water slide, which can bring you super fun with water! Sometimes you are a "water walker", even "water runner" while sometimes a "water jumper", "water bouncer" which is giving you weightlessness for several seconds or so.
The inflatable water slide is similar to amphibian! It’s portable to fold in the package, and after being blown up, a giant inflatable castle is floating on the water. Besides, you can also have a romantic "Princess castle", a thrilling "pirate ship", a "Tomas Train", or a super cool "Faraday car". Playing the inflatable water slide, kids enjoy their childishness and adults relax themselves from heavy pressure.
Sliding on the water, a spray is splashing each other in the pool or on the beach, laughter is seen on every face, even the rainbow’s in the sky. Here is our inflatable water paradise. Come can join!