inflatable walking water ball

Water ball is given a lot of nicknames, considering the very nature of water walking ball, is also named as human hamster ball in the water, water balls jumbo, zorb water ball, walking water ball, water bubble ball, jelly balls that have grown in water, aqua ball water, etc. No matter what it is called, water ball is a very fun water game that being played on the water and the smooth land. Some people tend to confuse water ball and zorb ball. Certainly, they look alike. The obvious difference would be the water ball has one layer because it is played on something soft, while the zorb ball has at least three layers in order to be played on the hillside which has a lot of sharpy thingies. The way of playing them is similar as well. A player needs to be inside the ball and move in order to move the ball around. Zorb ball can be played on the water, while water ball cannot be played on the hillside. Simple as that.