Foot Dart

Among the sports items, you can find one thing that people seem invent more sports with hands than that with feet. It can be well understood that human is good at using hands instead of feet. Anyway, in order to meet people’s need in exercising and the satisfaction in a field that feet are weaker than hands. Like a dart, how if we use feet to kick to a giant dartboard?
Players utilize a big blow up a dart board with Velcro that is “sticky”, and kick the balls to attach to the dartboard. Just like a normal game of darts, the points are easily counted by the location the ball lands on the board. Comparing to the traditional ones, all things are dozens time size of the traditional ones so that all feeling is enlarged in many times as well, giving more exciting feeling for using feet to play darts.
You can make it as a competitive contest or just enjoy outdoor games. Record scores if you want to make a little nervousness to push everyone to play well. For a party, you can just try to kick to the giant board to get more fun and relax.
Different designs for different needs.Here we provide enough choices. Come here and get an easy-handling giant dartboard to get a brand new amazing feeling you never been.