Last Sunday rui bao wanted to play inflatable bouncing castle,but he didn’t play in the inflatable bouncing castle and this Sunday will continue.In the morning I and his dad were late to get up,When we got up, we both cleaned the room,to tell you the truth, I haven't done it for a long time,including our room is cleaned by mother-in-law.Every time when i always want to clean the room, he will say, you don't need to get it,my mom will clean it in the inflatable bouncing castle.My brother is really spoil me, now I really get too lazy.In fact, we should find some fun of life in labor, like today, I think it's fine that the two of us together to clean the room in the inflatable bouncing castle. We continued our last week’s trip to agricultural expo garden when we had a meal.we went in, and headed to children's park,we looked and very disappointed,It's supposed to be a rainy day and the Inflatable castle did not hold out,Rui Bao did not look at the inflatable castle, he was afraid that we would go home, immediately said it does not matter, we go to play other,Ha-ha,It seems that this should be the line I said, When the electric car is over, we stop and look at it.