long air track

Airtracks home is designed in different dimensions and colors. Moreover, the shapes are also greatly optional for your selection. You may feel it difficult to select a suitable one to meet your needs. Here we will show you some tips to help you choose a perfect one for your exercise. 1.Air track Thickness The thicker the air track is, the bouncier it gets. The common thickness that you usually see is 4 inch, 8 inches and 13 inches. 13 inch can be used in tumbling or as trampoline parks with a commercial purpose. If you want to use for home practice, 4 inches or 8 inches would be the best selection for your reference. The air track in 4 inches size looks like a standard spring floor for gymnastics use. It allows the users to jump on it in repeated times, or you also can train or play on it with multiple-purposes. Our online airtrack store offers various kinds of air mats in 4 inches. However, the mats in 8 inches offer more elasticity than the one in 4 inches, which will do great help you to flip or bounce or tumble in your training. 2.Air track Length If you would like to practice tumbling on the mat and master more skills of tumbling, it is a good idea to consider the mats in 16 feet or 20 feet in length. 3.Air track quality and price Before you plan to purchase an air track for your daily practice. You need to compare the different airtrack brands supplier and distributor online, which helps you choose a perfect one to suit your needs. Keep in mind that an excellent air track should be an affordable one at a reasonable price.