Make up for a Zorb Ball!

It's not going to make a joke here. I really want to see whether people can do make up for a rolling zorb ball or what the final make-up are cause thousands of YouTubers are showing their make-up in many different ways. So later I just want to put up with some possible problems that may occur in a rolling zorb ball. Firstly, the girls cannot be stopping crying while making up so that their lip may not be well worn. Secondly, as the zorb ball keep rolling in every direction out of control, so the foundation may not complete. Thirdly, the eye makeup may fail by all, let alone to wear cosmetic contact lenses. Then, I hope that no one will be splashed by the cosmetics. Although it seems impossible for anyone to do making-up in zorb ball, it'll attract a lot of attention. And from the above, you can see the amazing of this item. If you haven't played it before, just put all your attention into playing, enjoying the screaming, laughing, even heart beating out of control. Zorb ball is fashionable. Make-up makes you look pretty. But our zorb ball concern your happiness.