small water trampoline

A bubble is a magic thing that can give people feel weightlessness because it's made soft plastic and inflated with air. The thick cushion can help bouncing while protecting people. And the mini water trampoline can also play a similar role in its strong bouncing. It's extremely easy to help jumping high. So how if playing bubble on the trampoline?
Obviously, the bubble and trampoline are funny but before the first time to play it, a little bit courage for the players are needed due to their strong bouncing. So therefore here we strongly suggest the ones who can play both two well could begin trying to play on the small water trampoline in a safe condition. It's a feeling that is similar to that in a pirate ship.Players may get down, and then being bounced off far away. So it's better to try it on a soft lawn. After practicing for a while, players can try to bounce between two trampolines. In this way, people can not enjoy the highness of trampolines, but be well protected in a softball.
It's a bold way to play bubble above the trampoline, but it’s a fantastic way to play it! Even you don't have magic, you can enjoy it from this new playing. Just come and try!