1, Safety: many inflatable amusement equipment like the inflatable bouncy castles has the peculiarity of thrill and adventurous, but they all have safety insurance. 2, Amusing: this kind of equipment changes the former passive way of playing the game like sitting, slipping, circling and so on. Children can fully use their imagination to play it initiatively and creatively. 3, Colorful: the equipment like the inflatable bouncy castles is colorful while the color is dazzlingly beautiful. By taking the inward dyestuff, the equipment is not easy to fade in color. 4, Durable: the material of the inflatable bouncy castles is strong and durable, which can be used for one hundred thousand person times (generally can be used for 3 years). 5, reasonable structure: the stress of the part of the equipment is relatively even. When we normally use the inflatable bouncy castles, there will be no possibility of tearing. 6, less air leakage content: when we make processing with the inflatable bouncy castles, we have done special treatment for the air leakage situation. Compared to the like products, the power of the draught fan we used is relatively small. 7, convenient: the inflatable bouncy castles have both large size and small size, you can assemble it at random based on the field condition; both the inside and the outside of square, park, gym, club and market all can be ran. After the outgassing and folding of the inflatable bouncy castles, it will have a small body sizes, which is convenient to transport, repair and maintenance. 1, Keep the clean of the inflatable bouncy castles, you must wipe it at regular intervals by branch water. 2, Keep the dry of the inflatable bouncy castles. To keep water proofing and moisture resistant, which is mainly aimed at the suture line protection. Usually blow on it after the rain days or moisture days so as to keep it dry. 3, the condition of the glue up: a: dry air around, b: the temperature should be over 20 degree Celsius. 4, the glue up method: a: wipe up the glue bar and the glued cloth, b: put the glue on the glue bar and glued cloth and smear it even, c: as long as the glue cools to white then do the glue up, and press it toughly. 5, the suture line and the new trace of the suture line that children often trample and step on should be glued up tightly and protected well. If the glue bar fall out you need to fix it in time. 6, if the time were too long, the suture line that children cannot reach should also be glued up so as to avoid that too big needle eye affects the elasticity of the air cushion. 7, if the inflatable bouncy castles were used for too long a time and part of the cloth fall out, then we need to fix it in time. And if necessary, sew up firstly and then glue up. 8, the use and maintenance of the blowing machine, please refer to the use and maintenance method and the after-sales and warranty. Service life: the service life of the inflatable bouncy castles is 100 thousands to 120 thousands. The product has a warranty for 4 years. Within 4 years, we will provide the glue and cloth used for maintenance for free.