For dampproof mat this problem, since you have said that it is for temporary shelter.  Will you use are key to how? If the earthquake a few years will come only once, I recommend that you buy an ordinary plastic dampproof mat and inflatable air tumble track first. But you said double 25 pieces, the quality must be bad, thickness should be 0.4 cm.. People would not be comfortable sleep. You least want to buy a 1 cm thick, the price is not high many, of course, the earthquake came, and even sleep on the concrete floor, the ground inflatable air tumble track also may be uneven in inflatable air tumble track, with stones, or through the rugged, etc., and at night maybe have small aftershocks, mattress, of course, is your first choice, comfortable but has its drawbacks as well as air cushion, put for a long time need not, the inside of the material easy to hardening, deflated when also very troublesome headlights this stuff, now basically is to use two types of light bulbs, 1 kind is the most common LED lights. Another is filling xenon lamp. In general the LED is very practical. Leds have N small lights, and 1 w lights (that is, what you said two respectively) and two kinds of lamp combination, the model transformation from time to time.