Shanghai Niuniu toys is a professional engaged in the processing of recreational equipment sales, management, leasing.New products include: inflatable pool castle, luxury, merry-go-round, fishing game simulator game machine, 6, 12 cabin ferris wheel, pinball machine, sand painting, fishing, talent, grip, push the coin machine, Marine ball pool, pool,inflatable boat water slides, basketball machine, swing machine, mouse jingle hammer machine, machine hand carts, monkeys carried sedan, manned electric animals, simple carousel, rotating plane, laser shooting, inflatable trampoline, small inflatable slide, inflatable rock climbing, rainbow arches, floating ball, roller, children try bungee jumping, numberical machine's, wishing machine, rail train, the monkey pedalling, amusement equipment, can be on different sites and the nature of the activities are combined (applicable to the community and the kindergarten large entertainment activities, birthday parties, product promotion, enterprise carnival, company annual meeting, the company family day, anniversary of the company, planning scheme, real estate opened, carnival, family day, fun sports festival, games, employee day, best inflatable water park, sports park, theme parties and other entertainment project) during the activity modes and maintenance welcome customized processing, inflatable pool castle rental, sale, and cooperation.