inflatable bubble tent

The most important thing is to view a different scenery and to get a different experience while traveling. Camping in the wilderness, just like what we see in Bear Grylls's Wilderness Survival, is more adventurous than living in a hotel. But how could we pursuit both security and risk? There's a way to make it easy, and here's it -- -outdoor inflatable bubble tents!
The inflatable bubble tent was first designed by French designer El Stephen Dumas. Only with the blowing machine, can people use it easily? It looks like a transparent bubble or an inverted goldfish bowl which is waterproof, insect-resistant, even fireproof. It’s so light and easy-carry that you can carry it everywhere easily. You can go to Brazil for the tropical rainforest and primeval organisms; Kanas, China for the starry sky; Africa for grasslands. The transparent design allows people inside to feel the glow of sunset during the day, as well as lighting up of stars at night and to sleep peacefully under the shining stars.
The bubble tent is easy to collect and blow with a bigger space, containing more life supplies, which can let you enjoy more convenience outdoors. Your choice will make you different, and we will be your good choice!