Water Fly Fish

What is a flying fish? A fish that is known for its ability to stay in the air when it comes out of the water after moving at high speed through the water. It's a very amazing thing that fish can fly. And how if humans can use this principle to make people fly on the water? Is it more wonderful? Let us experience it!
First of all, the design of water fly fish is to minimize the resistance in water and air. Under certain water flow speed, wind speed, wind direction and reasonable operation method, people can fly to the sky from the surface of the water, and stay for a few seconds to tens of seconds. This experience is a bit more self-controlling than the “Jump off a building machine” in the amusement park. It seems that man can not only control water but also operate the wind. Although it is possible to be turned over, but is not dangerous at all, for it’s it is inflatable, very light and soft. It can stay long in the air, even it’s turned over, can also be used when a life preserver.
Flying fish is also suitable for people to play together, trendy and cool. It’s combined with surfing and gliding. Don't hesitate. Here you can find what you need!