Here we rent out all kinds of large inflatable water castle, rock climbing pool, inflatable entertainment park, which belongs to new born entertainment facilities. It is designed according to children’s peculiarity, which includes slide, different kinds of animal model and so on. Besides, we have abundant entertainment programs, which is favored deeply by children. Moreover, this product is of good safety, comprehensive, appreciation, new-style, colorful and durable. The inflatable water castle is designed by the scientific three-dimensional combination and made of the strong waterproof. All in all, the inflatable water castle is an entertainment park that is of strong comprehensive. The game player can develop their intelligence, strengthen their body and pleasure their emotion through turning over, rolling up, crawling, shaking, jumping, drilling up and so on. Our inflatable water castle is popular among buyers because of its randomness and no power device. In addition, the inflatable water castle is safe, easy to manage and convenient to repair. (1)large inflatable toy and middle and small inflatable toy’s cloth thickness is 0.45 mm (500D), the slide and the slope takes the cloth of 0.55 mm(1000D), the bottom thickness is 0.45 mm(500D). The height of the air cushion is 60 cm, the height of the fence is 80 cm, the width of the fence is 2730 cm. The slide and style are all designed as the round angle. In the place that is easy to break we take the fixation design to fix the suture line. The material is the national standard net cloth. According to the inspecting result from Quality Inspection Department, it shows that the material is one of the appointed material of the entertainment ground which is no poisonous, tasteless and fully environmental friendly. (2) The material is an expertise inflatable cloth which has a low temperature resistance and stand below the 40 C; also, has a good fire resistance. PVC is the brief name of the polyethylene material, and the polyethylene resin is its main raw material. It has added anti-aging agent, modifier, through mixing, calendering, vacuum technology and materials. It can be used by eighty to around one hundred thousand passengers.