Zorb Ball

While playing zorbing ball, people are always surprised by its fierce shaking and powerful bouncing. And here some people may worry about its safety. It’s normal to do that cause it has really to be strong enough to stare hard pressure. To get the answer, let’s go on to talk more about how strong is it to be qualified to protect players well.
First of all, we produce products with good “DWF” so that the ductility, elasticity and smoothness of the zorbing balls work well in bearing hard pressure. Then, I have to mention our artwork. We use advanced technology in the critical adhesives part with glue imported from South Korean with hand-making artwork. Therefore, the zorbing balls we make are more stable and colorful. And the most important point for the firmness is the thousands of linking nylons and the setting belt inside the ball for it makes up of a cushion for the players while rushing to the dangerous obstacles.
From our video, you can see that the heavy men can play our zorb balls well. So can you. And you can trust its strength to resist strong wallop to protect you well.