zorb ball on water

What can five strong men with body zorb ball on do on a rocky island? Can they play football on it? The island is too small. Are they racing on it? Yes, but only half right. They are not running in the same direction with the zorb balls. Each of them is wearing a body zorb ball covering their upper body, rushing to the middle of the island, and finally, collide with each other. The last one who has not been knocked out is the winner. Otherwise, you lose. But you can swim leisurely in the water!
When you put on zorb ball, you'll become light and clumsy. Even a strong and flexible man can be funny and cute. During the collision, you will have a different feeling, dizzy and weightless. While doing sports, people often show the power, so that they can easy to cause collision damage. The zorb ball completely avoids this problem. People can get protection in the pursuit of the wild. Even if someone will be knocked out by several strong men, it was only a trip to the sea. It’s fun and safe that you can play it without too much worry!
When you go to the seaside for holiday, as long as there is a small island or inflatable bouncing bed and so on, you can play with friends! Click here, see what are they easily!