ball under water polo game being condemned by public opinion and because of animal cruelty, was forced to stop.The second game is that people will be the apple barrel with a wooden horse and marked on the racetrack jockey's well-known name, the barrel into the ball under water polo, people ride in a barrel, holding a spoon, a spoon hitting the ball.At that time, there were some places in England where the children kicked the ball into the water and throw the ball in the water.At first only as a game, after the formation of the competition between the two teams. For the sake of the competition, there is a rule to control the ball under water polo game. In May 12, 1870, the London Swimming Association appointed a committee to draft a rule.At that time, in Scotland, some areas of England, a ball game has been very popular in the country, the name is not the same. Some say the zorb ball football game, some called hand lawn roller, also known as the water roller ball. Although the name is not a game, but roughly the same method.Both ends of the venue set up a goal, varying in Can also be parked on both ends of the boat as a goal,threw the ball into the goal or boat, will Count the score;Allow the ball into the water, the goalkeeper can defend in the goal, can also come out, in an attempt to seize the ball into the door to the attacker's hands;if the goal is wide,it can also increase a goalkeeper.In July 14, 1876, that considered the first formal field ball under water polo competition was organized by the British Prime Minister, wave of Inner Mongolia rowing club.The venue 60 yards (0.9144 meters), 40 yards wide. The game has one referee and two doors of the prison staff, each team player for 7 people, the ball is a rubber ball football. In the same year, Scotland oboth drafting a club. The rules of the game.When the rules allow players to walk. So the pool bottom foot forward does not depend on the quality of swimming technique, but tall and the strength of the.1885, the British National Amateur Swimming Association was officially recognized water rollers as an independent game.