Although the old Ya'an biggest amusement park has been closed, but in the city, specifically for small children to build recreational facilities, business is fire, the children are happy to play.happy to play is the nature of the child, there are not many recreational facilities in Ya'an, and business will be better.the households that open simple entertainment facility in three urban house said,A holiday or weekend coming,When people go out to play, their business is good,In addition to small recreation facilities in the main urban area market better, other counties in the city, operating small recreation facilities is also very good business.Beside the Yingjing County Jiexin garden has a small amusement park,Merry-go-round, inflatable castles and so on have a children's play facilities ,baby swimming pool inflatable for children is also set up in the biggest amusement park.During the summer holidays,the children swimming pool basically full”biggest amusement park business”On the one hand, the market demand is strong, on the other hand ,a small amusement park accommodate a limited number of people, it is easy to gather popularity phenomenon."An analysis of Zhang Yu, who runs a small amusement park in the urban Holiday Plaza,Small amusement park facilities, limited capacity, it is difficult to meet the needs of tens of thousands of children in Ya'an,It is understood that it is unlikely to build biggest amusement park in the city in the short term.But in the post disaster reconstruction process,