According to the correct way to guide the children to play by play, so as to avoid injury.4, bouncy castle inflatable common faults and exclusion. 1 Requirements: First in the toy which glue to paste and cloth,Then, dry to half a minute, the cloth paste to paste, flatten after Alice, paste.2, the toy was cut: cut and sew thread longer than the 5CM application, and then use the cloth paste or cloth.cut shorter than 5CM. You can directly paste 3,joint line:With needle and thread first sew opening level off, or from the bottom of the air cushion apart into and stitched) can be used to paste the way the opening process, at the same time consider beautiful bouncy castle inflatable.4, become warped edge beautification place: with this small blush at become warped edge daub proper amount of glue, planish after a pause pressure paste is firm.5.degumming, easy to wear and tear parts after long time use easy to degumming, cut into different modelling in available fabric paste in degumming.6., large air leakage: bouncy castle inflatable after using for a long time, because of some parts pinhole seam widening, air leakage, can consider to use cloth paste in juncture place, reduce the air leakage, such as the toy is too old, should consider to scrap, prevent operation problems.7, air cushion local anomalies raised:Generally refers to the brace tear open,it can be unwrapped from the air cushion at the bottom of the air cushion along the seam, the brace with needle and thread connected with air cushion, and then paste with a cloth, protect the stitches.