castle inflatables using professional raw materials suppliers, thickening, environmental protection of PVC material.  Professional design personnel production process: cutting, sewing (MWCNTS), stick the whole (beautification), finished product.As much as possible ,the use of double open wire stitching, uniform stitch, stitch control between 0.35 to 0.4 mm. (to minimize air leakage and increase the intensity of sewing parts of the rubbish.) Stick the width of the whole brush glue and stick the error is less than the width of plus or minus 0.5 cm. Modelling and bedding face joint maximum limit USES the arc structure. Purpose is to make castle inflatables products of uniform stress, increase the service life of the castle inflatables product.  and modelling and barrier has a safe distance between every two modelling. (1 meter) product modeling realistic, beautiful colors.Can use around eight to thousands of people. Distribution corresponding to the fan, glue and repair material. Good quality, excellent service, professional technology, is our commitment to every customer. Let you zero risk investment! This castle inflatables product is suitable for the park, the village square, city square, scenic spots, shopping malls, department stores, such as investment management, low cost, high return is a good project castle inflatables you small venture investment of installation: 1. Place the device on the flat ground, below best put a patch (e.g., carpet, plastic striped cloth),And expand it. 2. Find equipment inlet, and connected with Fan outlet, and then tied the fan mouth then spare air inlet tied with a rope.