inflatable trampoline for water

As fun as water trampoline may be, there may be some notes we still need to follow for the sake of enjoying the fun completely and safety.
1.   Please place water trampoline onto something smooth without anything sharp, such as water or some flat and big land.

2.   Please make sure that the inflated air valve are completely closed in order to make sure that there will be no air leak while playing

3.   Please be noted that the inflatable water trampoline is quite tall, which is why player should climb the ladder to get on board, especially for children.

4.   While playing, please be sure that players should lose their shoes and anything sharp

5.   The age limit of water trampoline game is from 5 to 50 years’ old

6.   Please be noted that the water depth should be over 3 meter depth while water trampoline being placed on the water.

7.   And there should be parents around while playing, especially for children.