Where to play in the summer to become a hot summer every year, parents and children are more concerned about the topic, but also the most discussed issues.Many families have children, in the summer they will bring the children to play in the field, but there are also a lot of people due to work reasons, can not afford to take time out to play with children.One side is to want to enter the market needs of the amusement park, the other side is that the city does not have the status of a large amusement park, this contradiction, so many people entangled in Ya'an, not from the beginning there is no amusement park.Early in the last century, Ya'an has an adventures amusement park located between the city of Qingyijiang River Road and Orchard Road.But now, opened by the urban district to Ping An Ya'an east station bus 7, in passing through the amusement park, also set up a "amusement park" bus station.That amusement park has always been present in the heart of Ya'an people recently, reporters came to find the old amusement park, amusement park only rotating carousel, aircraft and other recreational facilities are damaged, the rest of the rides were removed.The amusement park has been occupied by teahouse, hotel and catering industry,at the "next to the monkey pulled" track, the original ticket is still somewhat, Just a little shabby and around the food and beverage industry hot misfits;The swimming pool in the park has also become a place for people to go fishing,A boss operated teahouse in the amusement park reports,amusement park is closed, because the original construction, there is not much market in Ya'an,And at the beginning of the construction of the amusement park has also invested a lot of money,The market downturn means plus,Led to the amusement park difficult to operate under.The boss said, at that time, unlike now, living conditions have improved, people are happy to take their children to enjoy life, increasing the demand for amusement park.