If the wide of the goal, can also add a goalkeeper on July 14, 1876,it is considered the first formal water tank ball match which is held by the wave of Inner Mongolia, British prime minister rowing club. The venue 60 yards (0.9144 meters) long, the width of 40 yards. Games have a referee and two doors, each team for seven players, the ball is a rubber rubber bladder of football. That same year, burton o Scottish club drafting the rules of a the first formal water tank ball game. At that time the rules allow players walking foot bottom of the pool. So choose the striker does not depend on excellent swimming technique, but the big tall and strength. In 1885, the national amateur swimming association officially acknowledged water tank ball as a separate event. water balls first introduced to the United States in 1890, and then gradually widely in Germany, Austria, Hungary and other countries. The second Olympic Games in 1900, water tank ball included in the official event. Since 1973,water balls world championships held, in 1979 began to host World Cup water tank ball .