You choose the price is cheap, belong to domestic quality is bad, don't guarantee after long-term storage can normal practical. I recommend you a head lamp, brand name is eagle eye. Homebred, good light quality, affordable, has dozens of pieces. Buy things must assure quality, otherwise the thing how to ensure the normal use of you? Right head lamp is wearing a head, two hands can do anything, it's very convenient. And under the condition of ordinary light-emitting diodes (leds), a head lamp time can reach hundreds of hours of work in air track trampoline, completely enough for you in the time of the disaster, don't be afraid without electricity the tent lights in air track trampoline, a disc, light bulb, the price is cheap, is about 20 to block a. The lamp power consumption is very strong, 3, 4, batteries, with 4 hours. Is to go out to play, but really an accident, not practical, shall be the supermarket, the dots were closed, where are you buy battery? But you said some of the above, I think you will also need a tidy package instant of an earthquake, are you sure you have enough time to take these things to go outside? You should buy a package, not very good, but large enough to put all these in the bag, such accident, just a bag in the bag for 2 3 blankets, or prepare a air conditioning, so cold at night, the earthquake didn't die, froze to death and one thing is very important, is the food. If you have a friend forces that is best, let him help you, buy a batch of individual soldiers rations, there are several kinds of models like air track trampoline. This thing is small size and ratio of nutrition is rich, and the heat is very high, can make you recover soon. If not, you can go to taobao and see.