water polo ball is a kind of new sports items,a ball game in the water.It originated in England in the middle of the nineteenth Century.At first it is a kind of entertainment spread in the water swimming when people throw the football, it is "water ball", after gradually formed a competitive water polo ball is a kind of new sports items between the two teams.In 1869 Britain appeared a small flag calibration line and the goal of water polo game.1877 England club Burton hired Wilson to set up the first water polo competition rules.In 1879 with the goal of water polo match.In 1885 the British Swimming Association listed water polo ball is a kind of new sports items sport as a separate competition game.1890 first and then gradually spread to the United States, in Germany, Austria, Hungary and other countries to carry out a wide range. In 1900 fifth Olympic Games, water ball game was listed as an official event.From the beginning of 1973 held the world water polo ball is a kind of new sports items Championship,In 1979 the International Amateur Swimming Federation hosted the first women's water polo World Cup.In 1986 at the fifth World Swimming Championships women's water polo will be listed as an official event,ball of water in Hongkong was introduced in 1920s Chinese to Guangdong area.At present, Holland, the United States, Canada, Australia, Germany and other countries to carry out better, higher level. Chinese watering balls team win the championship in eighth, 9, 10 consecutive Asian Games.In the twenty-third Olympics, won the ninth place in the water due to water polo is the collective project, and the competition is fierce,So it requires athletes to have strong strength, speed, endurance and flexibility.In addition to general swimming athletes technology, but also have the special technology, such as good treading water, jump, twist, look up and crawl, quick start, stop, change to travel and water polo, suggests that it is closely related with the sport of swimming. Along with the development of swimming, people feel too little, the game is too monotonous boring, and then carry out the requirements of a newer, more interesting ball water desire.In 1860, the British once popular two kinds of informal games one is a duck catching game: the ducks in the water, the water athletes who first catch ducks, duck is considered to win this game.