According to the reconstruction plan, combine to Zhang Jia Shan Park (including Peach Hill), the construction of ecological land Xiangjiaba water amusement parks facilities,supporting the improvement of children's recreation facilities, housing and Construction Bureau, the relevant person in charge said,According to the relevant provisions of the state, water amusement parks as one of the city's tourist attractions and outdoor activities, should be included in the scope of urban park green space,And the water amusement parks is positioned as amusement parks, the proportion of its green land is not less than 65%,In order to improve the environmental quality and the overall level of the amusement park”If we build a large amusement park in the city, the need for adequate market research on the basis of economic and technical comparison to determine the feasibility of construction."The responsible person told the reporter, from the market, management, operation, separation and other point of view, to build an amusement park belonging to the market behavior,not to the government behavior,Should be free from market allocation,the responsible person said, the city is also a positive investment, hope to be able to introduce foreign capital to build water amusement parks, but it is a a long process. "The market has a set of immutable laws of the market, only in compliance with the laws of the market situation, China Merchants built amusement park will be long-lasting." (reporter Wang Xinghao)