The swimming pool, children's playground, water trampoline, bigyong Guan, floating water park.In such hot weather,do you want to bring the children to enjoy the different kind of water in the world? Hurry to Yibin water cube floating water park! These days, the temperature is high, find a place can not only prevent sunstroke but also enjoy the water fun place,it can be a cool summer, but also in the feeling of summer special joy dull weather.floating water park opened on June 19th to provide a happy and cool summer resort to the people of Yibin .Many people are worried that it will be like "dumplings" when it comes to swimming in such hot weather",but go to Yibin water cube floating water park swimming pool, you definitely don’t need to worry.Here the recreation area of 4700 square meters, including four swimming pools and a red pool, which washed off the pool area of 440 square meters. Recreational facilities are water inflatable, bigyong Guan, swimming pools for children. They can let you enjoy the huge floating water park, absolutely. Specific equipment including water depth of 1.5 meters and a swimming pool for adults "; floating water park; three; ; water depth of 0.5 meters and a children's pool of water; a football field; a parent-child pool; Now some Rest Area .amusement and water parks start to order ticket.As a fan of Jiang meier,Yibin daily Jin Jiang network tickets, can enjoy the value of concessions!38 yuan fare, Jin Jiang net users enjoy the price of only $35! Participation: visitors can click on the Yibin daily net Jin Jiang, or Jin Jiang WeChat scan two-dimensional code, add attention, understand the specific details of the water cube tickets location: Yibin West South West line and the station opposite (near traders, as far as the spring, Huaxi Group, bus 26 road along the west station)