water slides also called big slide.Covers an area of 2018 meters of the giant bowl, the centrifugal force driven by the tourists like to rotate in space, dazzling, finally being sucked into the bowl in the middle of the entrance, visitors will enjoy the unforgettable gliding experience, always screaming with water slides also called big slide.The water slides was deeply loved by young people, both stimulating and fun. A.water slides use the high performance of glass fiber reinforced plastic composite material, manual craft paste system, has the very strong toughness and hardness, safe, durable. B.The slide surface using isophthalic gel has high mechanical strength, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, and a smooth, smooth, anti UV, anti fading characteristics. C.There is a very good customer experience, so you want to continue to play repeatedly play. D.Strong reception ability, to shorten the queue time and Attract a lot of popularity E.Has a strong visual impact and appeal, and constantly attract tourists to visit again and again F.it Can provide a variety of color selection and combination, covers an area of 30m and 72m. Our advantage: 1, the first independent water park operating equipment manufacturers, to avoid the three errors, to create the most profitable projects! 2.Global counterparts ,he first to have a water slides also called big slide, hot springs, rafting and other large scenic area. 3.Has the world's largest water park manufacturing, testing, display base, with a total area of 100 thousand square meters.