It turned out that the plum blossom attracted a lot of bees,Rui Bao still remembered being stung by a bee when he was a child , and then he found the sting on the bee's ass. We came to the river edge after we watched the flower.Rui Bao and his sister then went to the river to throw stones,The moment I treasure the mother innocence up, and we play together in rent inflatable castle. Out of a look at 3:30,we played for a long time and we would go home. Bao’s dad said today we did not play in rent inflatable castle, let us go to buy strawberries, and Rui Bao is very agree. After we had a good dinner again with my sister went to the park to turn a circle in rent inflatable castle, and it was having a blast today, because it is accompanied by my sister one day. Recently, however, the sister always like to send some small temper,and Rui Bao also refuse to let,Like a bar with her, they both like to show themselves, it seems that the way the two should be changed.