Commercial-Grade Inflatables: Our inflatables are designed exclusively for rental and hire businesses, ensuring durability and suitability for frequent use.

Premium Materials: We utilize top-grade PVC material from PLATO, the leading supplier. These materials are not only of the highest quality but are also lead-free, ensuring that safety remains our top priority at all times.

Exceptional Stitching: Each inflatable is crafted using heavy-duty industrial threads, providing long-lasting construction and minimizing wear and tear.

Military-Grade Vinyl Baffles: We incorporate military-spec 1000x1000d vinyl baffles, adding stability and structural integrity to our inflatables.

Enhanced Durability: The inflatables are stitched with double to quadruple stitches, and we add extra reinforcement strips to areas experiencing higher stress.

Skilled Craftsmanship: All our inflatables are meticulously crafted by experienced sewists with 5 years+ of expertise in the industry.

Safety Compliance: We manufacture every inflatable according to EN-14960 safety standards, prioritizing the well-being of users.

Vibrant Graphics: Our inflatables feature 720dpi digitally printed graphics with scratch-resistant laminate, maintaining their appearance and quality.

Efficient Inflation System: The inflatables are equipped with an inflation tube backflow flap and a secondary inflation tube for quick and easy setup.

Uncompromised Safety: Anti-entanglement mesh netting is incorporated to ensure users' safety during play.