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Water Roller
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Similar to water walking ball, water roller has easier access to get inside or outside, and more breathable. Inflatable

water roller

is not very often seen in the local store. To buy it online would be workable. And cheap price will be encountered, especially for sale or buy it wholesale, and some websites provide rental service for someone to rent it.In summer, people naturally choose to play water sports to spend the best time with intense heat. But what about winter? What if people still want to play water sports in winter? If they still try to swim or play games in the water, they would get cold and would never find water sport fun again. What kind of sport can help you play with water without getting in touch with the water? That would be water walking ball and water roller. Water walking ball is sealed big round inflatable ball, which means it would be difficult to have fresh air all the time. Instead, hippo water roller does not have this problem, it is hollow inside, and you can have all the fresh air you need, and it still works like a water ball to walk on the water and exercise.
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